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Entwickler Traddo, Inc.

Traddo – connecting people who are passionate and want to enhance their lives.

Traddor – One who carries a talent or skill and teaches others.
Traddee – One who wishes to learn a talent or skill from another who possesses it.

Want to make an income by sharing your talent with others?
Have you always wanted to learn something new, or become better at something?

Whether you’re a Traddor or a Traddee, we will put your talent and passion to good use by connecting people who want to teach and those who want to learn.

School subject tutors – get your kids straight A’s
- Math
- Language
- Science

Athletics training – improve your health
- Person trainers
- Tennis lessons
- Ski lessons
- Diet consultation

Arts – enhance your life
- Music lessons
- Acting lessons
- Arts & crafts

Use Traddo for all of the above and much more!

Traddo also helps you organize your available time for Traddoring as well as manage your billings or payments. No more hassles with accounting, collecting, or payment methods. Everything is booked, scheduled and securely paid for right through the app.

You can request money earned at any time through electronic payment or check.
It’s easy to get started. Just download the app for free and set up a profile. You will be Traddoring your first lesson in no time!

Oh, and… as we said above, there is no cost to sign up at all.

Plus – sign up now and there are no fees for payment, even when receiving payment with credit cards.
You charge $40, you receive $40.

Happy Traddoring!
Currently available in London Ontario only. Please check back frequently as we expand our market quickly, or go to and sign up to be notified when Traddo will be available in your area.